Hello,  we are planning out 2013 trips. There are numberous locations over Nepal.  There will be a cost this year of U.S. $200. This fee go directely for permits to the restricted areas and to cover the costs of the Interpreters.  

WE need pople to confirm attendance as soon as possible.  Please get in contact if you want more information. 

To hear about one of the volunteers from last year please click here

Volunteering overseas is as much about learning as it is about giving

Volunteering overseas is as much about learning as it is about giving. You will find Osteopathy takes on a new dimension and that you are required to be in much more of a primary care role than would ever be the case in the UK. It has the potential to take you out of your comfort zone and change you, both as a practitioner and a person. It is an unbelievable experience and an unparalleled way to meet locals and experience the culture in a way which is just not possible as a tourist. So whether as a challenge, continued professional development or a great excuse for an unforgettable holiday, the experience of working as an Osteopath overseas cannot be beaten.

The organization is in its infancy but is hoped to have two wings. First a forum to connect interested Osteopaths with oversea organizations and charities that accept Osteopathic Volunteers, secondly to assist in organizing oversea trips for British Osteopaths. The first trial project is due to run in Nepal this September with possible plans to expand into Sri Lanka and India later in the year.

If you are a charity or a volunteer and interested in joining this community please make contact here or follow comment with other friends via Facebook group.

Teaching in school

For anyone wanting to add some time to there stay, teaching is a good alternative. Prajwal Shiksha Sadan Lower Secondary English School runs in a rural area in the low lands and in a stark contrast to manang. Low lands not ananpurna mountains. Nawari hindu not gurung buddists......more


SCIAN is an organization run by disabled people who advocates for disabled people.  It is a non-governmental, non-profit making organization, which serves a community of disabled people in Nepal with both spinal cord injuries and other physical disabilities......more


Manang Osteopathic clinic is located in Manang at a height at 3540 meters high in the Himalayas.  Manang is one of the towns on the Annapurna circuit trekking route which is located in the largest conservation area (7,629 sq.km) of Nepal. To reach the clinic takes several days walk....more